My Consignment Manager

The Tot, the Teen, and the Wardrobe uses an online consignment management system called My Consignment Manager (MyCM) to manage sellers, volunteers, inventory, and totals from the sale.  To participate in the sale, you must be able to use a computer to enter the MyCM site from the link below, enter and price your items, and print your bar-coded tags to affix to your items.

My Consignment Manager(click here).

Here at the MyCM website, you will create an account and pay your ad fee for our sale through Paypal.

This is our preferred method for registering for The Tot The Teen & The Wardrobe Consignment Sale; however, if you do not have a credit or debit card or would just prefer to pay by check you can print out a registration form from this website, mail it in with your ad fee, a check made payable to The Tot, the Teen, and the Wardrobe, and we will be happy to create an account and register for you.  Once you receive your login name and password from us, you must be able to access a computer to enter and price your items in order to participate in this sale.

If you have any questions about the website, email them at